Custom Endorsements

More Than 30 Years' Experience


Most of us ride motorcycles that have been customized in some way. Many of us ride heavily customized bikes and have invested thousands of dollars in chrome, paint, engine work, etc. We often tell insurance adjusters that no two motorcycles are identical and many are truly pieces of rolling art.

Get a Fair Price for Your Wrecked Bike

Make sure to document the custom work to your bike with before and after photographs and keep all receipts. This will greatly assist us in obtaining a fair price for your bike if it has been in a total loss wreck. Equally important is to let your insurance company know what custom work has been done so that they know they are insuring a customized motorcycle and not a stock bike. They may not have to pay you for the custom work if they did not write the custom endorsements on the policy. Update your insurance agent on a regular basis as soon as you do any significant custom work and provide them with pictures and receipts.

Stated Value Policies

Look for a company that will do a stated value policy. Stated Value means that you and the insurance company agree on the value of the motorcycle and its customization. The policy is written to pay a fixed amount that is agreed upon in the event the motorcycle is deemed to be a total loss. Classic car insurance companies may write a stated value policy for a highly customized or antique motorcycle.